Our hotels have a more strict cancellation policy for groups; Much more restrictive than individually booked reservations.   CANCELLATIONS must be 30 days prior to an event for a FULL refund.  If it is too late (less than two [2] weeks prior to event) and has not paid in full, your deposit will be forfeit.* A flat $5 fee will be applied to all credit card payments and credit card cancellations as of 1/15/18.

A LATE cancellation fee related to the Hotel’s Catering guarantee may also result in no refund.  TOURNAMENT FEE REFUNDS are provided for in the event of timely cancellations only as stated in the terms, conditions and cancellation penalties above; in some individual cases, partial fund transfers to future DM events may be allowed.

Payment In full is due at least 60 days prior to the event.
Important: COMMUTERS must live within 30 miles of the tournament event to qualify for the COMMUTER RATE. If you live outside this area, you can join us as a guest at the hotel.

REFUNDS for payments initially made on guest’s credit cards or PayPal may incur a 5% FEE. As well, refunds will start at the close of the tournament you are registered for.

Cancellation Policy for Virtual Tournaments

You may receive a refund up until 4 days before the tournament.

Suggested for long-distance Destination Mah Jongg Tournaments:

For Cancellation Insurance, you might wish to contact us regarding ALLIANZ TRAVEL INSURANCE.  Please call us at 407 694-7165 for more information.

Once a deposit is received you agree to accept the term and conditions listed below. Please read the terms and conditions and the cancellation penalty details in Destination Mah Jongg, LLC (DM) literature, and familiarize yourself with all the requirements therein. Reservation is confirmed when payment is received and a confirmation letter is sent. If a tournament is sold out, participants will be put on a waitlist. Destination Mah Jongg, LLC shall not be held liable or accountable for climatic conditions or other events or occurrences beyond its control, including but not limited to war, terrorism, *pandemic, acts of nature, sickness, death, governmental limitations, or circumstances beyond the control of DM.  The right to change the format of and/or reschedule any DM activities is undoubtedly reserved by DM, LLC.  DM is not liable for any sickness, accident, or injury of any nature.. while in tournament, en route to or departing from any DM activities.   DM is acting as an agent for various hotels, cruise lines & other providers, contractors or suppliers and shall not be held liable for any actions, errors or omissions or negligence on the part of such providers or suppliers. DM shall strive, to the best of its ability to assure the successful completion of the events, but shall not be responsible for any acts beyond its control.

*Pandemic- Covid.  As of Jan 1, 2021, If you require a refund rather than rolling to another tournament or next year, we will refund you once DM is back actively performing tournaments again. We are sincerely sorry, but this is simply the only way we can operate at this time. Thank you for your understanding and patience. As well, if you register for any or our tournaments or cruises, Destination Mah Jongg is waived from all liability concerning Corona Virus/ Covid.

CONTACT Fern@destinationmahjong.com or Sheryl@destinationmahjongg.com